Karen England

Time Out Learning Centre
Throsby House, 40 Throsby Crescent, Griffith 2603 ACT, Australia

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The Time Out Centre has 20 years of experience working with neurodiverse clients in the areas of education, counselling and neurofeedback based on QEEG brain scans. We offer help and advice to parents of neurodiverse children as well as adults experiencing difficulties due to their neurodiversity. We remediate neurodiverse children who have fallen behind their peers in both literacy and maths. Our counsellor is experienced in all areas of trauma, grief, anxiety, depression, and DID as well as bereavement.

Client Types

  • Adults
  • Adolescents (13-17)
  • Children (<12)
  • Families
  • Parents/Caregivers

Therapeutic Approaches

  • One on one explicit education remediation with neurodiverse teachers;
  • Neurofeedback: both SMR and Coherence training one on one;
  • Counselling specialising in Loss, Grief & Bereavement, Trauma informed stabilisation, Aging, Deep Brain Orienting, Mindfulness, Complex Trauma.


  • All teachers B.A. plus teaching - minimum
  • Director: K. England, B.A. (UNSW), B.A. (ANU), Grad.Dip.Ed. (UCan)
  • Neurofeedback: EEG Biofeedback Inst for Applied Neuroscience USA; Intermediate Neurofeedback Skills, Inst for Applied Neuroscience USA
  • Counsellor: Masters of Counselling, Cerrtificate in Loss and Grief, 20 years experience in Trauma informed stabilisation. EEG Biofeedback, Neurotherapy Institute of Australasia, VIC.

Professional Memberships

  • Golden Key Socy., ANU.
  • ADHD Support Group, Canberra & Qbn (ADDACT)
  • Australian ADHD Professional Association (AADPA)
  • EEG Education & Research (EEGer)
  • International Society for Neurofeedback Research (ANSA)
  • International Society for Neuroregulation & Research (ISNR)
  • COUNSELLOR: PACFA and ACA pending

Other Information

  • Private Health
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Lived Experience


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